20% Black Friday | Cyber Monday Barology Fertility Bars Discount Code BCF2017

November 24, 2017 1 min read

20% Black Friday | Cyber Monday Barology Fertility Bars Discount Code BCF2017

Thinking of starting a family?  Barology Fertility Support Bars are the perfect way to begin.  Once a Day, delicious and nutritious Barology Fertility Support bars at  contain a blend of specialized fertility vitamins and supplements designed to help fight against oxidative stress, therefore supporting egg, embryo, and sperm quality. As an added bonus, consuming these vitamins and nutrients in food form increases absorption and lessens nausea, both of which are common complications when taking a multitude of vitamins in capsule form.  Essential fertility support components in our Doctor Formulated Bars include:

> Co-Q10
> Omega-3
> Maritime Pine Bark Extract
> L-Arginine
> Vitamin C & E
> Protein
> Calcium
> Iron
> Dietary Fiber 

Hurry and get Barology Fertility Support Bars today, and start your path to starting or enlarging your family.
I’d like to extend a special offer to you – an exclusive 20% Black Friday | Cyber Monday discount code BCF2017 to get our Barology Fertility Support Bars  (available in both female and male formulations). 

Please feel free to pass this code on to others as well. I want everyone trying to start a family to experience the benefits and convenience of our Once a Day Fertility Support Bars, and please share your feedback with me. 

Thank you again for all your support!

Best Regards
Jill Spatz
Barology Bars

*20% off, not including shipping or tax.  1 time use per customer good 11/24/17 - 11/27/17

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