Barology Bar Article in Healthy Moms Magazine

March 18, 2017 2 min read

Barology Bar Article in Healthy Moms Magazine

(CHICAGO, IL)…Jill Spatz is many things to many people. A wife, mother of three (including a set of twins) and a nurse in the field of Infertility with Fertility Centers of Illinois. Despite a very full life, Jill remains uniquely tuned in to her patients and their struggle to conceive, largely due to her own journey. “Not only did my own experience spur my initiative to become an R.N. in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI), it served as a great equalizer in caring for my patients,” says Spatz. “I understand, as perhaps few others can, exactly what they are going through.”

Jill’s perspective was integral in the research and development of Barology Bars for Fertility ( “I vividly remember following every instruction that my doctor gave me,” says Spatz. “And fertility treatments involve a myriad of details, pills, shots and procedures.” Not the least of which is the pre-conception regimen of vitamins and supplements to help increase your chances. “These vitamins, while incredibly important in the process, require an extra effort that involves finding and purchasing them and then ‘choking them down’, all of which has its own price financially, as well as emotionally and physically.” In an effort to spare her patients the added stress and discomfort, Spatz spent her own time and money assembling all of the recommended vitamins and supplements into a great tasting and ‘one-stop’ fertility bar. The Barology Bar costs a great deal less than buying each vitamin ‘a la carte’. Her efforts have been reviewed and endorsed by researchers and fertility doctors alike to assure efficacy.

Barology Bars for Fertility contain a blend of specialized fertility vitamins and supplements designed to help fight against oxidative stress, therefore supporting egg, embryo, and sperm quality. As an added bonus, consuming these vitamins and nutrients in food form increases absorption and lessens nausea, both of which are common complications when taking a multitude of vitamins in capsule form.

Along with the nod from fertility experts, the vitamins and supplements contained in Barology Bars for Fertility are also supported by randomized trials conducted by leading institutions worldwide. Spatz points out that this blend can be as large a part of a preconception ‘plan’ as quitting smoking and limiting alcohol and caffeine. “Even if you are just thinking about starting a family, these early changes put you at your reproductive best and extend your ‘time’ there,” says Spatz.

“At the end of the day, if my experience can help ease the journey for someone else going through this arduous experience (infertility), then it’s all worth it. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. I’m ‘just’ the mother of three great kids…oh,and Barology Bars!” says Spatz.


All vitamins and supplements are specifically blended exclusively for Barology Bar, LLC by one of the world’s top nutrition companies. They are also manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. Barology Bars integrate the science of functional nutrition for other areas of wellness in the categories of toddler/child nutrition, tween/teen, hormonal balance and senior longevity.The newest addition to the line is the Anti-Aging Bar.

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