Who We Are Anti-Anging

Jill Spatz, RN

Jill Spatz is a registered nurse experienced in the field of infertility. After graduating with a master’s degree from Rush University in Chicago, Jill began her career as an infertility nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois,working for the world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Brian Kaplan. While helping patients achieve their dream of having a child, Jill noticed an increasing focus on the use of natural vitamins and supplements to improve egg quality and enhance overall fertility in men and women. Because most of those going through fertility already take a multitude of medications, Jill realized the value to adding Dr. Kaplan’s recommended antioxidant cocktail to food bars,and the idea for the first Barology Bar was born! The perfect combination of science and nutrition. Now women and men who want to enhance their fertility can eat a delicious “Baraology Bar” enriched with this special vitamin and supplement blend.

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